The Paris2london Story

Given a long and frequent history of cancer among Kaveh’s friends and family he has always done what he can to help battle it, including running several marathons, volunteering as a Cancer Research UK Campaigns Ambassador and setting up and chairing the Oxford Fundraising Team for Cancer Research UK.

Fighting cancer was also a cause Kaveh’s girlfriend Hannah worked tirelessly for until she tragically passed away after being struck by a drunk-driver while walking home one night.  Kaveh has always maintained that as gorgeous as Hannah was, the truly special thing about her was just how special she was on the inside, incredibly friendly, caring and generous and always going out of her way to help others.

Kaveh considered himself exceptionally lucky to also been able to call Hannah his best friend and is happy to admit that in many ways he is still trying to make her proud and smile that lovely smile as she looks down from above.

Given Hannah had been instrumental in starting Kaveh running Marathons by entering him in the Amsterdam Marathon, and spurred on by a further family bereavement, Kaveh decided to put together an ambitious running based project called paris2london which raised over £50,000.

Furthermore, every single penny raised has gone directly to fighting cancer as I’ve maintained a pledge to meet all expenses myself – from flights and accommodation to printing and photocopying.

I started by successfully running over 350 miles in 14 days from Paris to London (the Paris marathon, then from the finish line of Paris Marathon to the start line of the London Marathon, before finishing with the London Marathon)

This was followed by climbing 2 mountains (with a combined height of over 11,500m) in 2 continents (Asia & Africa) in just 3 weeks

These events were supplemented by organising numerous fund-raising and community events

Looking for my next challenge, Sam, one of my best friends – and as a cancer survivor one of my inspirations – suggested I try to break a series of World Records and most recently I completed the “25 Peak Challenge” (climbing 25 peaks – including England’s biggest mountain – as well as running between them) becoming the first person to finish in under 24 hours with a record breaking time of 22 hours 45 minutes

I’m currently in training to break the world record for “Most Consecutive Full Contact Martial Arts Bouts” which will consist of 150 bouts – all against black belts – and will take close to 7 hours to complete

Sadly, Sam then suffered a return of her cancer, this time much more aggressively, and she recently lost her brave fight against the disease – which coupled with some other bad news has caused me to set my sights a little higher combine my efforts with Inspired4Life.

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